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World Map of Civilizations

Following the essay about identities and the timeline of civilizations, this world map shows the civilizations of the world today. The classification is largely based on Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" (e.g. a separation of Western, Orthodox and Latin American civilization and a separation of Chinese and Japanese civilization). I added a few more distinctions, such as the separation of the "Buddhist civilization" into a Tibeto-Mongolian and an Indochinese one or the separation of the "Islamic civilization" into a Sunnitic-Arabian one an a Shiitic-Persian one (which is relevant in today's conflicts in the Middle East).

The colour of the inner border of a country indicates the alignment of the government (e.g. the Chinese government trying to dominate the Muslim Uyghur and the Buddhist Tibetan cultures within its borders or parts of the West European governments promoting Islam as an equally influencial culture as classical Western culture).

Download/Fullsize (old version, external link)

Cultures included in this map:

  • Western
    • Orthodox
    • Continental
    • Anglosphere
    • Cape African
    • Latin American
  • Ethiopian
  • Jewish
  • Muslims
    • Sunnitic/Arabian
    • Shiitic/Persian
    • Malay
  • Indian
    • Hindu
    • Indochinese
    • Himalayan
  • Sinic
    • Mongolian
    • Vietnamese
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Japanese
  • Other
    • Black African
    • Malagasy
    • Black Caribbean
    • Philippine
    • Papuan
    • Pacific
    • Oriental Christian

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