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Overview of Linux Desktop Environments (full list of desktops - 2020)

This table shows the various desktop environments that exist on Linux (as well as BSD and Illumos).

There are the Big 3 - Xfce, KDE, and Gnome - as well as some smaller ones and lots of forks and variants of the big ones.

Especially since the ill-arrived release of Gnome 3, there have been lots of variants and forks: Unity, Mate, Cinnamon, as well as Solus's Budgie, and elementaryOS's Pantheon. Unity has been dropped by Canonical and is now developed by the UBports community, renamed to Lorimi.

KDE only had one notable fork, Trinity, which is based on KDE 3.

Other notable desktop environments include LXQt (a merger of LXDE and Razor-qt), Deepin Desktop, Lumina, and Enlightenment and its fork Moksha.

Older version (2020): Download/Fullsize

Even older versions (2019):
Full List including minor and discontinued desktops: Download/Fullsize
List with only the major desktops: Download/Fullsize

The main currently active desktops are: Xfce, KDE Plasma 5, GNOME 3, MATE, Cinnamon, Pantheon, Deepin Desktop, Budgie, Enlightenment, LXQt, and Lumina.

The desktop environments I have included in the graph are:

  • Xfce-based
    • just Xfce!
  • KDE-based
    • KDE Plasma
    • Trinity (TDE)
    • Nomad
  • GNOME-based (lots of fragmentation since GNOME 3...)
    • GNOME
    • MATE
    • UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin UI)
    • Cinnamon
    • Pantheon
    • Manokwari
    • Budgie
    • Endless Shell
    • Lomiri (formerly Unity)
    • Regolith
  • Other
    • Enlightenment
    • Moksha
    • LXQt
    • Lumina
    • Deepin (DDE)
  • Legacy Unix DEs which are still (kind of) being developed
    • OpenWindows
    • Common Desktop Environment (CDE)
    • Maxx Interactive (IRIX Desktop)
  • Some early stage developments
    • Nextspace
    • Liri Shell
    • theShell
    • JADE
    • PearlDE
Not included in the graph:
  • Google
    • Android UI
    • Chromium OS/Chrome OS UI
  • Discontinued or dormant (last year of activity in brackets)
    • Maynard (2016)
    • Mezzo (2015)
    • Vera (2015)
    • Unix Desktop Environment (UDE) (2014)
    • Equinox (EDE) (2014)
    • Consort (2013) - GNOME-based
    • Etoile (2012)
    • ROX Desktop (2011)
    • Java Desktop System (2010) - GNOME-based
    • Kuartet (2006) - KDE-based

The picture below shows a timeline/family tree of Linux desktop environments:

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