Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Comparison of Software Ecosystems

The three companies most known for their ecosystems are probably Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Microsoft offers Windows (desktop and mobile), Xbox, a cloud (OneDrive), Microsoft Office, a mail and PIM service (Live), a search engine (Bing), a browser (Internet Explorer/Edge), Skype, and phones (Microsoft Lumia, formerly Nokia), among otherse.

Apple provides two consumer operating systems as well, has the iCloud, iTunes, Beats headphones, Apple Pay, the Safari browser, iMessage and Facetime, the iWork office suite, and of course hardware (Macbook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, ...).

Google offers services and products in the same markets: Chrome OS and Android, the Chrome browser, the Google Play app store, Google the search engine, Google Maps, Youtube, Hangouts, Google Docs, GMail, and many more; however, no software.

Click on the fullsize link to see a comparison of all the companies competing in the  software and electronics market to establish their ecosystem.

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