Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Comparison of PIM Clients

PIM means "Personal Information Manager" and it typically includes an e-mail client as well as a calendar, contacts management and often also tasks and notes. Some of these can be completely online (think of Google Mail/Calendar/Tasks/Contacts/Keep or the Microsoft Live Mail/Calendar/Contacts/Tasks/...), while some of them are offline programs running on a desktop computer and connecting to a server.

I have compared the 5 most important PIM clients:
  • Microsoft Outlook, the number 1 in the corporate market
  • Kontact, a program of the KDE software collection
  • Evolution, another Linux program that belongs to the Gnome desktop environment
  • Apple's OS X applications
  • and Mozilla Thunderbird, which heavily relies on addons for most of its features.
The winners of the feature comparison are Kontact, Evolution, Outlook, Apple, and then Thunderbird. Thunderbird and Outlook actually do not have many features to begin with, but are very popular and therefore can be upgraded with many addons. So, in the real world they aren't as bad as it may seem here. Likewise, Apple's apps lost some points due to the fact that they are not available across different operating systems. For Kontact, the most important downside in the real world might be the lack of Microsoft Exchange support.

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