Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Chaos in the Middle East: who's friends with whom?

The situation in the Middle East is very complex. On the one hand, there are some typical Middle Eastern feuds such as Sunnis vs. Shias, on the other hand, you also have some proxy wars such as NATO vs. Russia in Syria.

The table shows how each of the Middle East war participants and supporters are aligned, for example how they are viewing the Islamic State or the Syrian government.

While not perfect, 3 bloc can be outlined:

  • the Shia Bloc with the Syrian an Iraqi governments, militarily supported by Iran, Russia, and the Lebanese Hezbollah
  • the Islamic State/Caliphate, which is supported by Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, and probably also Turkey (although none of these countries - all best friends of the West! - want to make it official and probably all also feel that they are playing with fire)
  • the US-backed blocked consisting of the so-called moderate rebels and the USA as well as its other Western supporters and Israel.

The poort Assyrians and Kurds are mainly on their own and fight for survival.

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