Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

6 Maps of an Alternative World

After posting some European alternate history maps, I'm going to follow up with some world maps.

United Western World

This map shows the "League of Western Nations", which might be compared to somewhat looser European Union. 

Space-Filling Empires 1

This map shows a completely random world full of space-filling empires. The legend is written in Latin as the Roman Empire has survived to the present day and is the leading nation in Europe.

Space-Filling Empires 2

This map has the same basic idea as the one before, but features some other empires. 

Cold War with Five Blocs

Here we have a cold far consisting of 5 blocs: the democratic/liberal bloc led by the USA, the monarchistic bloc consisting of some rather random countries, the fascist bloc (also including fascist Russia), as well as communist China and a still existing Ottoman Empire.

World Map with Language Borders only

For this map, I tried to only create states based on language borders. As you can see, no colonization of the Americas and Australia/New Zealand is assumed; however, there is also an Afrikaans-speaking state in South Africa and Europe has the ethnic borders from before the world wars. The colours indicate the language families.

The Midlandish Civilization 


In the sixth map, you should start with the small picture-in-picture. This scenario assumes some larger cultural areas (Europe/Middle East/North Africa; East Asia; Persia/India/Indochina; Sub-Saharan Africa; pre-Columbian North America; pre-Columbian Central & South America). The larger picture then shows the nations that are deemed part of the Western Midlandish civilization. Again, the map features random states and borders. Sumer and Poland-Lithuania in the same map? No problem.

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