Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

2 Unlikely Scenarios: Thawed Antarctica and a World without Islam

Unfrozen Antarctica

If Antarctica were to unfreeze because of global warming, it would actually not be a massive continent, but a landscape of islands and lakes (the same is true for Greenland). In this map, I have (naively) assumed that all land that is above sea level will become more or less unfrozen clay and all land below sea level will be underwater.

This of course would make the continent more attractive to settlement and territorial claims:

A World Without Islam

The 21st century is characterized by conflicts with Islam. Muslims vs. Christians (Europe, America, Australia, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Philippines), Muslims vs. Buddhists (Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar), Muslims vs. Hindus and Sikhs (India), Muslims vs. Atheists (China,  Middle East), Muslims vs. Jews (Israel, the West), and of course Muslims against other Muslims (Sunni vs. Shia, Sunni vs. Alawites, Sunni vs. Alevis, radical Sunni vs. moderate Sunni and so on).
Imagine a world where all the others team up to fight against Islam, and after a military victory they employ a program of "deislamization", similar to the "denazification" after the second world war. The chance of this happening is about 0%, but I nevertheless entertained the thought. (Please note: I do not assume any genocides in the scenario, I was rather thinking about an re-education program similar to the one against Nazism, which worked pretty well - currently there are only about 5,000 neo-nazis in Germany according to the constitution protection agency).


  1. Since Australia claims over 65% of Antarctica, how can you assume it ends up with 0% of a thawed Antarctica?

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  3. If you think that Argentina has any chance of beating Chile in order to get the Antarctica you are wrong.