Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

2 Maps of a Future EU

Europe of Regions

This map shows a possible European Union that has abolished the old national borders and introduced regions, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity.

The picture also shows the (co-)official languages and capitals of each region, the overseas possessions of Europe, and implies a voting system of proportional representation (fuck first-past-the-post or other kinds of semi-democratic majority voting systems).

As the map is more than five years old, it still includes the "Novorossiyan" parts of Ukraine, as well as Krim, which is rather unlikely to happen now. I have deliberately left out Moldova (too poor), Bosnia-Herzegovina (too Muslim), and Albania (both) - and of course the always neutral Switzerland.


An updated version (including the Brexit) is available HERE.

Europe without the UK

This map entertains the tought of Great Britain leaving the EU and instead getting closer with the other "5 eyes" nations (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Additionally, there is a continued conflict with Russia, as rump-Ukraine has joined the EU.

I also thought about the language situation in the European Union after Britain leaves. This would leave only one English-speaking country in the union: Ireland. And they actually have the near-extinct Irish as their first language, which they try to re-establish as an everyday language. This would  leave Europe with three big languages: German, French, and Italian. German and (a bit behind) French are already now the languages with most speakers in the EU, and Italian has about the same number of native speakers as French in Europe (but much less secondary speakers).

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