Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015


Welcome to my blog. I am using it to post infographics, lists, maps, and other content I created.

In the past I have created the following:
  • Alternative History maps
  • Real History maps
  • World maps of the present
  • Family trees on various topics such as languages or religions
  • Comparison tables
  • Other Thoughts and Models
The topics of my graphics include the humanities (lingustics, history, politics etc.) and also, as a completely unrelated area, software and technology.

Some of my graphics have been posted on the web already (e.g. AlternateHistory.com, 4chan, Wikipedia), while some others leave my harddisk for the very first time.

I will be starting a new job soon where I feel that I don't have any time to pursue my hobby anymore, and because of that I wanted to publish my favourite graphics and collect them on this blog. Everything posted is my own work unless otherwise stated and I am always happy about some feedback. If you spot an error in any infographic or map, please tell me!